Peder Wigdell
19 days ago

Still love to tie these :-)

Michael Scarpino
19 days ago

And beautiful!

19 days ago

If you don’t already sell them you should. I would display them on a log as a centerpiece on my dining room table

Bill Trublubug
19 days ago

And I’m glad you do love tying them. I’ll bet we all love seeing them too. Gives us all something to aspire to.

Steven S
19 days ago

Ditto, Michael, Ron & Bill, incredible artist talent, yes we are inspired.

Peder Wigdell
16 days ago

Thanks guys, glad you like it :-) Yes Ron, occasionally I do sell these, often displayed in a glass jar or bottle ;-)

Bill payne
15 days ago

Curious about wings?..beautiful my friend!!.🎣

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