Jon Redwine
1 year ago

This show called “Fish or Die” was on Animal Planet last night and is a series on every Sunday night I believe. This group of guys travel all over the world through some extremely rough terrain to fly fish the most remote areas of the planet. It was awesome to watch. Last night they headed to the jungles of the Amazon to fish Golden Dorado in the Amazon headwaters. It’s an amazing show!

Travis Fisher
1 year ago

Yes love it

Jon Redwine
1 year ago

I was glued to the TV! It was really really good stuff.

1 year ago

Haven't seen this one, thanks for the suggestion Jon. My favourite is a YouTube show called Fly TV by a channel named kanalgratisdotse. It's a European show, my favourites are episodes with huge German and Swedish Northern Pike on the fly, they have some real monsters over there.

1 year ago

Yeah, that was some adventure they had. It is kinda creepy out there in the jungle.

Zack Gillen
1 year ago

See Jay and Thad in “geofish” and “geobass” I have not seen fish or die yet. Will look it up ASAP.

Mitchell Jacob
1 year ago

Geobass is an amazing series as well. Truly awesome stuff

Caleb Sittig
11 months ago

I’m watching it right now

Nature Boy
10 months ago

I haven’t seen it yet but thanks for the heads up

8 months ago

Yes I love it is so good!

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