Michael Scarpino
3 months ago

That’s awesome! It’s been awhile Peder. I love the realistic flies you put out.

Steven S
3 months ago

Excellent Peder, love seeing your artistic creations.

Peder Wigdell
3 months ago

Thank you Michael and Steven, glad you like it. Yes, it´s been a while since I last posted here, sorry for that ;-)

Bill Trublubug
3 months ago

I’m with both Michael and Steven, love your work and I am glad to see your latest posts. Gives the rest of us something to try to attain.

Eugene Borovin
3 months ago

@wiggo pretty good work! 👏What’s the secret of these beautiful wings?

Terry Chester
3 months ago

My first time to see Peder’s work. But I must say. Very nice!

Travis Fisher
2 months ago

Do you fish them if so how do they fish

Nathan Bettencourt
2 months ago

Incredible work!!

23 days ago


Peder Wigdell
7 days ago

Sorry, I´ve been away from Flyflasher a while, been rather busy ;-) Thank´s for your kind Words guys!

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