Karl Önning
4 years ago

Flytier - Karl Önning from Sweden

Hook - Daichii 2546 #4
Extension - off bitten saltwater hook.
Tail - Mini Marabou
Hackle - Grizzly saltwater hackle.
body - Hare and ice dub pearl
Weight - Bead chain eyes

#seatrout #seatroutflies #saltwaterflies #saltwaterflytying
#havørredd #havsöringg #havsöringsflugaa #flyfishingtales

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Bill Trublubug
4 years ago

Very attractive pattern Karl. I like everything about it, materials, colors and proportions.

Martin Fabricius
4 years ago

Great variant! Looks good..

Karl Önning
4 years ago

Thanx a lot guys =) @martinfabricius @trublubug

Peter Granstav
4 years ago

welcome Karl :) nice fly @facebook674205486

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