Gus Tanner
10 months ago

Rear hook: Size 2 Dai-Riki bass hook
Front hook: Size 2 Dai-Riki 4XL streamer hook
Connection: beadalon 7 strand coated wire with 3 6mm beads roe red

Rear hook-
Tail: red mallard flank, red deer tail, red streamer feathers
Body: Ice dub red dubbed in a dubbing loop and picked out before wrapping.
Head: red craft fur wrapped on in a dubbing loop

Front hook-
Connection cover: top- red craft fur; belly- white craft fur; silver holographic flashabou cut to length of feather tips
Legs: white legs barred gold
Collar: natural deer body, white marabou tied tip in and wrapped to where the back of the head will be
Head: wine cork popper head

Xavier nadeau
10 months ago

Great job,

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