Jon Redwine
1 year ago

Thoughts??? Verdict still out for me since this fly catches a lot of fish without being articulated. My thought is why did I feel like I needed to tie it this way? That’s what we do! We dream up a whole bunch of ideas then take them to the vise, and if you’re anything like me you usually end up back to the original pattern or plan. Lol!

Bill Trublubug
1 year ago

If we weren’t experimenting trying to improve on already proven patterns we would probably just whither and die. LOL. I’ve a feeling you are dead on about this one Jon. Bet it doesn’t outfish the non—articulated original but hey man, let me knew if I’m wrong. I’ll print a retraction. 😂😂😂

Jon Gamble
11 months ago

Jon, I’d run with a slightly heavier / darker wing. What not articulate it ?? It looks fishy to me.

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