Tyler Penn
11 months ago

If there’s some lakes or reservoirs around you that have big trout or bass AND Kokanee salmon then there’s a really good chance they’re snacking on the little Kokanee. I know for certain one reservoir near me has big mackinaw trout, potential state record browns and rainbows, massive smallmouth, and of course Kokanee salmon. What’s making these trout and bass so big? Little Kokanee salmon. Talking with some guides that fish the lake for trout they have all said that in the stomach of the big fish are little Kokanee. So what does a fly tyer do with that info? Go home and tie Kokanee flies. My next outing I’ll be fishing these flies with my sink line and hopefully be hooking up with some big trout... hopefully.

Braden Sherwood
11 months ago


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