Belly Scratcher - Streamer Hook Tip Up (original by Fly Fish Food)
Tied by: Gerg Bear Mozarttown, AT
Gerg Bear

Gerg Bear
6 months ago

Belly Scratcher Streamer Hook Tip Up (original by Fly Fish Food)

I tied them two sizes smaler than the original recipe on the website
and changed to a senyo‘s dubbing head.
The fly is designed for rivers & streams, all kind of trout and other fish that eat fish.
Depending on the amount of beads, it’s possible to create different sinking rates.
In this version is almost no flash and no fluo - I fish them in gin clear conditions.

Yarn & Glue:
Veevus GSP 100 - white
Zap a Gap

Gamakatsu B10S #4
Tinsel Chenille Large - rainbow
Senyo’s Standard Intruder Wire #6 or larger - chartreuse
Veniard Tungsten Beads 4mm - metallic pink
Hairline Micro Rabbit Strip - white

Senyo’s Laser Dub - light olive
Senyo’s Laser Dub - silver minnow belly
Edding Marker - dark green & red
Sybai 6mm 3D eyes - holographic yellow
Tear Mender
Loon UV flow
Loon UV infinity light

Lenght: 7,5cm / 3 inch

Weight: (2 beads)
Dry - 1,5 grams
Wet - 2,5 grams

Link: to original Belly Scratcher by Fly Fish Food

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happy day & enjoy tying

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