Martin Fabricius
16 days ago

Hook: F314 size 8
Tail: Black Hackle Fibers
Body: Holo pearl flat tinsel
Thorax: Black SSS dubbing
Front hackle: Black hen

#kystflue #havørredd #sjøørretet

Patrik Herlet
16 days ago

NICE my friend👍👍👍Tied up some of Your Pink Hole Demon the other day☺️ Can’t barely wait to test them🤗

Martin Fabricius
16 days ago

Cool @Patrik_Herlet . They will do the trick for sure! Caught a lot of sea trouts on that pattern last year. Tight lines

Doug Young
10 days ago

Love this fly. Great job

Martin Fabricius
10 days ago

Thanks a lot @dyoung 1102 👍🏻

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