Kenan Haseta
8 days ago

You use foam body,I know it .But this type of sedge is more natural for me,I add flash wraped on body so it will irittqte fishes :) now i will tie one of my favorites sedges with foam and next fly will be with foam :)

Bill Trublubug
8 days ago

Great look Kenan. A very natural profile/silhouette. Do you finish the head by trimming the deer/elk hair with a scissors or razor blade then use a heated needle to smooth the head out? I’ve never cared much for the way the elk hair caddis is tied leaving that clipped at an angle bit of hair extending out the front of the fly. This look is so much neater.

Kenan Haseta
7 days ago

Hi Bill, I cut head with scissors and than with heater direct without needle on head.When deer hair is burnt out i just move with my finger accros that part and it is ok.

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