Michael Scarpino
7 months ago

Firehole 317 size 16
Uni Thread 8/0 tan
Mallard flank feather
X-SM black wire
Sow Scud back 1/8 tan... outlined black permanent marker
Tan SST/ Red squirrel nymph abdomen blended dubbing
Black Mono nymph eyes X-small

Bill payne
7 months ago

That's a serious scud , very well done my friend!..👍🏻🎣

Michael Scarpino
7 months ago

I was hoping you would like it.

Geoff Piehler
7 months ago

Great job on that one! Awesome fly man!

Michael Scarpino
7 months ago

Thank you.

Patrik Herlet
5 months ago

Love it😍

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