Michael Mc Brien
4 years ago

Hook: sz 10 Diiachi 1550
Tail: Black marabou with crystal flash.
Body: ice dub peacock brush ribbed with copper wire.
Head silver tungsten bead head.

#beadhead #wetfly

Martin Burch @flyfishfans
4 years ago

that is a very fishy looking fly. Love the simplicity and contrast.

Michael Mc Brien
4 years ago

Sinks fast, with a lot of inherent movement (on the sink and retrieve). A lake I fish in Winter has a very pronounced deep drop off where fish like to patrol the contours. Be interesting to see which (if any) of my cunning plans work this winter.

Anders Gustavsson
4 years ago

So many interesting patterns from you! I will try a lot of them on the trouts here in Sweden. :)

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