Black Ghost...ish
Tied by: Logan Tindell Johnson City, TN, US
Logan Tindell

Logan Tindell
5 days ago

Black improvised with some materials I don’t have but not awful for 1st attempt

Hook: Wapsi ST5 streamer sz 8
Thread: UTC ultra 210 black (didn’t have floss)
Rib: silver Mylar tinsel med
Hackle: white saddle
Beard/tail: yellow saddle

4 days ago

Some tips about those streamers: they are very tricky and can drive you mad ;-). Try to put the wing simultaneously and shorten it to the tail-lenght. If they are too long, they will be wound up on the body when you fish it. I did the same mistake, to let the wings that long. Try also to expand the silverribbing. Tip 1 for the throat: from the longer side of the feather about 2-3 cm and then try to fold it Tip 2: wind it like a Wetfly-hackle and put all the fibers down and secure it. Keep ging on that Pattern! I know that is hard work on it

Bill Trublubug
2 days ago

Excellent suggestions from @100000142549515

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