Michael Mc Brien
4 years ago

Hook: TMC 200R sz 14
Tail: elk hair
Abdomen: peacock herl palmered with brown hackle
Wing: Elk Hair over golden pheasant
Thorax: orange fluoro yarn palmered with badger

#terrestrial #attractor #twigwater #pocketwater

Michael Mc Brien
4 years ago

this fly and the Hackets Fastwater dun have been the best performers chasing twigwater rainbows.

Caleb Whitmore
4 years ago

This looks like a killer pattern! Will have to give it a try this summer.

Michael Mc Brien
4 years ago

It's very versatile in different sizes and colours it covers caddis stonefly even hoppers great indicator fly above a nymph as floats like a cork

Fredrik Eide
3 years ago

Suuuper flytying👍👍👍

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