Svenja Bossen
1 year ago

Ahrexhook NS #6
Fronthackle CDL Softhackle
Rainbow Dubbing
Rooster Hackle fluo green and CDL Softhackle

Bill Trublubug
1 year ago

I’ve had good success with nymphs (especially Frenchies) using the rainbow dubbing on the bodies. Haven’t tried it on this style fly Svenja, but I will now.

Michael hackwith
1 year ago

it looked like peacock to me

Peter Moore
1 year ago

Looks a nice fly but difficult to see what it really is because of the two flies overlap. Does it have a second hackle at the bend of the hook? Detailing the pattern would help eg. Hackle, tail, thread, dubbing

Svenja Bossen
1 year ago

@Tantalus the material is in the description 😉 one fronthackle and one tailhackle booth are Whiting Coq de Leon Softhackle @mtjhttg

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