Broken Rule
Tied by: Bill Trublubug Southeastern PA, US
Bill Trublubug

Bill Trublubug
1 year ago

This is a typical trout from my heavily pressured waters. Nothing to brag on but there is a reason why I broke the rule I made for myself about not posting photos of fish.

I wanted to thank @Martin @Burch for his posts of the “panfish Cheeto”. I only took the one photo since the other fish today could have been clones of this one. Seven others fell for what I’ve been calling the “Bruiser Cheeto” (it is after all, black and blue). Only one other trout took a different fly (Ken’s Crazy Ant).

If anyone wants me to post a closeup pic of the fly here again, let me know.

Jason Michael
1 year ago

Post it again

Michael Scarpino
1 year ago

Nice female bow! Nothing wrong with fish pictures Bill. She lived to see another day and that’s what counts.

Bill Trublubug
1 year ago

For sure @Scarpino I try to keep totally hands off and use a long hemostat to keep them in the water. That “self-inflicted” ban on photos is more about worrying I’ll drop the phone than anything else. I know the phones are supposed to withstand immersion for about 30 minutes in one meter of water. You of course know that when I drop them, they sink out of sight forever right? LOL

Michael hackwith
1 year ago

nice fish!!!!so jelly

Jestin Wyman
1 year ago

It’s always nice to see the fruits of your labor!

Lucas Ace Poltorak
11 months ago

Where was this

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