Brown Midge
Tied by: Tom Thomas Clatskanie Oregon, US
Tom Thomas

Tom Thomas
2 years ago

Getting ready for San Juan tail waters. Midges are so small in the winter.
Hook: TMC 100 - size 28
Tail: Brown Saddle fibers
Abdomen: Brown thread
Rib: Thinnest black horse main I could find
Thorax: Brown thread
Hackle: Barred ginger

Bill Trublubug
2 years ago

Great little speck of nothing Tom. This is very nicely done. You’re right about these things being so tiny in the winter. In fact,on my waters, they are tiny in spring and summer too. I can still tie them, it’s seeing them on the water that’s getting harder and harder as I age. LOL.

Tom Thomas
2 years ago

Me too. It’s also threading that 8X tippet. When it’s cold and after the shakes from several cups of coffee; I might as well try pushing a rope through the eye. Lol

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