Bill Trublubug
6 months ago

Super looking caddis Michael. Do you ever get last second refusals on your caddis imitations? I’ve seen a rush to the fly with open mouth and then a “no way” “apply brakes” refusal quite a number of times on my streams. I’m guessing it’s either my presentation (last moment drag perhaps) or just that the trout are heavily pressured and ultra spooky. Wondered if you’ve seen this as well? We seem to have shared quite a number of fishing experiences and I thought this one might have happened to you also? I’ve found that by cutting off the hackle at the bottom of the fly (it kills me to do this) and resting the fish a bit, I’ll get it to take eagerly. Seems like they sometimes want the body of the fly right in/on the surface film. Any thoughts?

Michael van den Bogert
6 months ago

Thanks Bill, this experience of refusing at the moment you think to set the hook is well known also here in Belgium. What is the trigger of refusal: many ideas has been written about that over a very long time. You summed up already items that could give a nefast trigger at last moment. Surface or subsurface, color or size are the first thoughts that come up to me when it happens. I always start with the hackle as tied and cut/ trim the hackle if not successfully. Don't worry about that it's part of the game. There are also patterns, after tied, where I directly trim the hackle. But even this measure fails by while. If the technique is as it's supposed to be and the countermeasures, already mentioned do not the job, I change from pattern. What doesn't works one day works the other day without a problem. As already mentioned many books has written.. This conversations about what we experience at the waterside are very useful and hope to have them more here. It's not only the fly but also, as you correctly mentioned, the experience Bill.

Michael van den Bogert
6 months ago This is most frustrating....:-)

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