Alaska Fly Shop
6 years ago

A smoke break yesterday working with Alaska Troutfitters. #buttfly #alaska #alaskaflyshop #pigfarm #pigfarmink

Jason Messersmith
6 years ago

I'll take a half dozen.

Anglin' Al
6 years ago

I see trout takin these on the clyde all the time may have to give it a go lol

Bill Trublubug
6 years ago

Clever! What brand is this? Looks almost like a long defunct brand named Taryton with that added white stripe at the rear. First saw a series of trout (5) take and then spit out a filter from that brand about 40 years ago. Should have tried it back then. Bill

Martin Fabricius
6 years ago

Haha, great one!

[email protected]
6 years ago

Dats one 'Smokin' fly ya got there....not as funny after I typed it.

Jay Taylor
6 years ago

Very clever. I dig!

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