Tate Baumert
21 days ago

70 Danville’s thread, small copper wire, dark brown goose biots, mallard flank, peacock herl, and flashabou pearl

Michael Scarpino
21 days ago

The colors are great! Would like to know how it does. Looks more like a burnt orange color/rust color biots in the picture

Geoff Piehler
20 days ago

Man that is great!

Darwin Hudson
20 days ago


Martin Fabricius
19 days ago

Really nice!

Tate Baumert
18 days ago

Hi Michael on the package I bought the goose biots were labeled dark brown I double checked and I do use this fly but in smaller sizes in 16, 18 and sometimes even 20s I used them on the White river last summer and caught a real nice brown trout and some rainbows on a size 18

Michael van den Bogert
3 days ago

Very nice indeed!

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