9 months ago

Martin Fabricius
9 months ago

This one is cool! Is that a Ahrex hook?

Gabe Shuler
9 months ago

I'd say more of a crayfish but it looks sweet

Bill Trublubug
9 months ago

Great tie again Jorge. Depends on your local area. Some call them crayfish, others call them crawdads, and some just plain “crabs”. Doesn’t the use of Cohen’s Creatures make these so much easier? On the other hand, if you did the cutout yourself my friend, you wouldn’t mind cutting a dozen or so (in each of the three sizes) for me would you? LOL

John Summers
7 months ago

Were I am from, we say "crawfish" I have some friends who call me crawfish. @bill

rob Loos
6 months ago

Solid work

rob Loos
6 months ago

In Oregon there crawdads

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