Patrik Herlet
2 years ago

Tied up some Brendas and thought it could also be nice to give it a try with a cutthroat version.

Cutthroat Brenda

Gamakatsu F314 #6
UNI-Thread TAN / red 6/0
Cock Hackles natural brown
Salmo Supreme Dub, Rainbow
Crystal Mirror Flash Opal
Genuine seals fur in red
Cyclops Beads Gold 4,5mm

#seatrout #havsöringg #havsöringsflugaa #Sjøørretet #Sjøørretfluerer #Meerforelle #Meerforellenfliege #Cutthroat Brenda

Martin Fabricius
2 years ago

Sweet detail. Any thoughts on UV?

Patrik Herlet
2 years ago

Actually not yet, but time will tell☺ Thought the red seals fur works very good on the Vaskebjörn and will do it's work on the Brenda as well. The last I read about if seatrout can see UV or not is, that it's not confirmed yet. In any case it's a nice "glowing" triggerpoint👍

Fredrik Eide
2 years ago

Super cool! Does it catch browns?

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