jacob purdy
5 months ago

What happens when you go for a refill and your 6yr old daughter thinks your purple materials are pretty

5 months ago


Michael Scarpino
5 months ago

Lol! It has happened to me too. My beads were glued for a snow man last year along with sparkle chenille. That was a school Christmas project. I blamed grandma for that! Just about 16$ worth of fly tying material gone and not on a fly. That is awesome though.

Zack Gillen
5 months ago

Hahaha. I have to keep my tying stuff and my toolboxes locked up with my crew of 3. #dadlife

Bill Trublubug
5 months ago

I thought I had escaped this sort of depredation once my daughters had married. Now it’s the grand daughter. Somehow the loss of materials is more fun now. LOL.

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