Brett Hulen
11 months ago

This is a super simple pattern I have been toying around with that has been doing really well for me

Squirrel zonker

Krystal hackle

Rubber legs

Laser dub collar

Quick, easy, effective.

Jon Redwine
11 months ago

You just cant beat squirrel zonker strips. I know I could tie a piece of squirrel strip and nothing else to a hook and it would catch fish. Great looking tie Brett.

Bill Trublubug
11 months ago

Great killer fly Brett. If your waters have Madtoms, try adding an extra large black saddle hackle behind the cone head. Trim off the top and bottom fibers and the hackle looks like whiskers. It adds a level of success for me. Just another thing to “toy” with. LOL

Brett Hulen
11 months ago

@trublubug no madtoms in the sierras, but you just have me the idea to try a schlappen collar for just a tad bit more bulk and movement. THANKs!

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