Michael Mc Brien
4 years ago

Hook: Tiemco 100 sz12
wing: deer hair
Dub: buggydub Dk brown
Shuck: grey CDC

#dryfly #mayfly #nohackle

Michael Mc Brien
4 years ago

just the fast-water dun tied with the deer hair reversed.

Bill Trublubug
4 years ago

I'm a fast water fan Michael. I hate giving them too much time to decide and then refuse. Any big bushy pattern in darker shades seems to work for me. Do you ever fish White Wulffs? I know several guys who swear by them but they have always been a bust for me.

Michael Mc Brien
4 years ago

I keep a couple of big (sz10) Royal Wulffs to use as indicator flies in heavy ripple chutes. The big up-right wings are easier to follow in the ripple waves where my usual standard Royal Stimulator can be hard to see (sits low in the water). But I'm now starting to favour flies like the fastwater dun and the splitsville caddis.

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