Travis Vawser
7 days ago

I used green caribou, green chenille, grizzly hackle, some copper wire, and an #8 hook.

Any tips or advice on how to tie better would be greatly appreciated, I know this is REALLY rough and I would love to be able to improve.

#WoolyBugger #Beginner

Pieter Van Staden
7 days ago

Travis for a first attempt that is not bad at all, the best advice i can give you is the more you practice the better you get. Everyone has to start somewhere

Anglin' Al
7 days ago

If that had a bushy hackle at the head it would have looks very similar to a green tailed Kate mclaren fly deadly on Scottish lochs nice try sir keep at it 👍

Martin Fabricius
7 days ago

Keep practising!

Bill Trublubug
7 days ago

Everyone’s advice is right on the money Travis. Don’t know of anything you do for the first time that more practice won’t improve. This fly will catch fish for you and sometimes “scruffy and rough” outfishes “perfect. Keep up the good work.

Michael Scarpino
6 days ago

Your first fly looks way better than my first fly I have tied.

Martin Burch @flyfishfans
6 days ago


Bill payne
6 days ago

Keep at it, looks good!....🎣

5 days ago

That is a very nice first fly. My first rule is always "what will it look like wet" when tying wet flies and streamers. If you want to improve on your flies tie a few of the same in a row. Keep up the good work.

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