First Profit from selling Flies!
Tied by: Cooper Grand Ledge, US

1 year ago

Of course, this will be put back into materials, hooks, and other fishing equipment!

Benjamin Tutt
1 year ago

Congrats! Did you sell online or through a store front?

1 year ago


Wyatt Martin Collins
1 year ago

I'm planning to try selling flies in the future. In an effort to lower the costs of tying them, I was considering tying them on the Mustad 3366, which is really cheap (100 hooks for ~$6) because it is marketed as a bait hook, but it is almost the same thing as the Mustad 3906 wet fly hook. Only con is that they only are made down to size 12.

Thomas Knutsen
11 months ago

I hope you arent selling you flies too cheap or too expensive. It always depends on the material use, effort, and time put into it. My cheapes flies are going for 32 dollars each now.

John Summers
8 months ago

I made over 100 dollars in 3 dollar flies a couple years ago

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