Martin Fabricius
5 years ago

This one is for the autum rivers.

Tube: Orange
Butt: Orange flatbraid
Tail: Silky fibers
Body: Gold flatbraid and orange dubbing
Hackle: Grizzly orange
Wing: Orange and red marble fox
Front hackle: Red spey plummes
Head: Gold turbo cone

#flom #orange #salmon #laks #tube

Bill Trublubug
5 years ago

Martin, do you have any idea why orange colored flies work so well in autumn? Just a curiosity on my part. This one is really lovely.

Martin Fabricius
5 years ago

No, not really... I often use them in autum because the rain make the rivers brown. In the summertime, I also use hot orange in the very first early hours. There are just something magic about the orange color...

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