Michael Stange
10 months ago

An attempt on floodtide. Hackle too overdressed, but nice to try with the 3 JC.

#Classic #Salmonfly #Bartleet #Floodtide

Bill Trublubug
10 months ago

Impressive work on the wing Michael. I'm envious of your skill in marrying those tiny slips of feather. Beautiful proportions as well. Did you use floss for the body sections? I've usually seen this pattern with wool body sections. Your fly looks neater and cleaner to my eye.

Michael Stange
10 months ago

Thanks a lot. I used seals fur for the body except the first part. However the overdressed hackle prevents to see the nice color of the seals fu :-(. Guess I should wind the hackle just before the orange seals fur. Unfortunately I did it before the yellow seal. Further I used normal marabou, which may be a bit more "fluffy"

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