Fly Book For Grandad
Tied by: MiteyQuin Sandy, Utah, US

1 year ago

My grandfather always tells me stories of the places he fished and the flies he tied/used, I figured he could use a some new books and a full one as well,

Left to right
Royal Coachman (Size 14)
Renegade (Size 10)
Black ant (Size 14)
Double renegade (Size 10)
Black gnat (Size 12)
Red ant (Size 14)
California Coachman (Size 14)
McGinty Bee (Size 8)

Bill payne
1 year ago

Very cool!..Those stories are the cornerstones of our sport and should always be shared and remembered.

Steven S
1 year ago

I echo Bill’s comment!!

Kevin sweet
1 year ago


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