Martin Fabricius
3 years ago

A friend of mine, Daniel D. Holm, showed me this pattern a few a weeks ago. He was preparing a trip to Iceland, and wasn't going to leave without a handfull of Francis flies. He came up with this variant, which I was very inspired by. Now I'm going to take them for a swim in Norway. Maybe the salmon would like them here as well ;)

Tube: Orange
Tail: 4-5 hackles (stripped and cropped) and krinkle flash
Wing: Rusty brown fox
Hackle: Orange grizzly hen
Body: FutureFly orange body

#salmon #laks #francis

Bill Trublubug
3 years ago

Not sure exactly why, but they are appealing to me. Of course, I don't count, only the salmon do.

Michael Mc Brien
3 years ago

bet those cropped hackle tips wiggle like crazy in the water.

3 years ago

Well done! Looks like a killerfly for August/September fishing

Sergii Smirnov
3 years ago

Nice pic @martinfabricius !

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