Allan Overgaard
3 years ago

A small gammarus tied on the NS172 size 12 This one is equipped with a backshell made of foam. The idea is to fish this little bandit on an intermediate/sinking line, so the weight of the line/leader will drag it down, so under the right circumstances the fly will stay neutral or hovering in the watercolumn. Making you able to fish it at extremly slow retrieve. NS172 for hook. A piece of foam, a genetic rooster, dubbing from senyo and a small amount of uvglue from Pro.

Martin Fabricius
3 years ago

Den er kanon fin! Interessant med høje gang i vandet.

Bill Trublubug
3 years ago

The look is great Allan, but the logic behind this one is even better.

The Ultimate Fly-Fisher
3 years ago

I think this came out of my urethra last night

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