Svenja Bossen
6 months ago

Hook Futurefly C5 size 4
Shrimpeyes Futurefly in blue
Easyshrimplegs II transparent
Marker in dark brown and blue
UV Resin from Raidzap (the best)

6 months ago

I wonder if people ever find these kinds of flys while out and about on the ground, and get all excited they found a real shrimp

Svenja Bossen
6 months ago

@2047790892203248 In the Danish Baltic we have a lot of these shrimp. Not with blue color, but I just made it for fun πŸ˜„

6 months ago


Svenja Bossen
6 months ago

@CooperE Thank you 😊

Steven Baker
19 days ago

This looks like the anemone shrimp we see scuba diving....

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