Eugene Borovin
19 days ago

Goddard Caddis

Bill Trublubug
19 days ago

Great tying Eugene. These always looked like fish killers to me. On my waters though, not as good a producer as numerous other caddis imitations.

Gregory Brovchuk
19 days ago

Всё гениальное просто). Мой самый ловчий сухарь! Связано отлично.

Michael Mc Brien
19 days ago

great tie

Doug Long
19 days ago

@Borovin now that a sweet looking fly. It has bite me flashing all over it.

18 days ago

@trublubug I’ve noticed that too. The fish are usually looking for a skinny body with a large wing.

Bill Trublubug
17 days ago

@ZekeMT Seems to be the key here Zeke. Thin body with large wings does it most times

Terry Chester
11 days ago

Awesome tie. Where do you find your patterns at.? If I were a fish I would definitely be thinking, eat, eat, eat, eat!!!!!!

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