Ryan Halkirt
10 days ago

Green drake cripple tied on Daiichi 1280 Sz 10

Terry Chester
10 days ago

First, thank you for your service in the USMC. My grandfather was in The Corp in WWI. I never knew him but from what I have learned about the Corp he would have been an interesting man. I like your tie. Very interesting lines to it. I think it would be a good fly for the FRYING pan in Colorado or the San Juan in NM. Have a blessed day.

Bill Trublubug
10 days ago

Seconding @terryc in the thanks for your service. We vets are always grateful to others who shared the “brother and sister hood”. Definitely like fly Ryan, especially the proportions.

Terry Chester
2 days ago

I wanted to serve in the Military but I couldn't pass the physical because of my eyes. I found another way to serve and became a Paramedic first responder. Saw Combat in a different way........

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