Michael Mc Brien
5 years ago

Hook: Orvis 1523 sz 14
Tail/shuck: CDC
Dub: rabbit
Wing: Deer hair.

#mayfly #caddis #nohackle #dryfly

Bill Trublubug
5 years ago

I like fishing these no hackle flies Michael. Do you build an underbody of "electronics sheet foam" on yours? I find that the extra bit of flotation the underbody foam provides keeps these floating without the need for dressings. My best colors are tan and all black.

Michael Mc Brien
5 years ago

Nevr tried that Bill, just a dab of gink and away they float. After a fish or two when they get soaked beyond reprieve just tie on a new one. Like the sound of black, will tie a few up for next week.

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