Allan Overgaard
4 years ago

I cant think of a fly that in its original pattern reminds me more of Christmas than the "Hagebro Fly"
Designed in 1952 by Poul Falkenberg and Hoegh Petersen.
Fishing in Karup Å the Big seatrouts was their target.
The white wing was aimed at fishing in the "Golden hour" just before nightfall or sunrise.
As Poul Friis wrote it in his book "Danske Fluer"
Quote: There is nothing like a whitewinged fly an early summer morning, fishing a danish seatrout stream.
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Merey Christmas all.

Anatoli Voropay
4 years ago

@facebook709999280 it's amazing!

Martin Fabricius
4 years ago

Beautiful pattern! Merry Christmas

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