High Carb Minnow with Senyo‘s Dub Head
Tied by: Gerg Bear Mozarttown, AT
Gerg Bear

Gerg Bear
4 months ago

High Carb Minnow (shout out to Fly Fish Food)

I tied them one size smaler than the original and with a mixed Senyos Dubbing head.
Works great for streams & still water too - trout & perch.
The below picture is under UV light - it pops quite good close to hook tip but not too much, imho.

Yarn & Glue:
Veevus GSP 100 - white
Zap a Gap

Gamakatsu B10S #6
Lead Free Wire .025 / 7-turns
Conehead tungsten 5mm
Hareline Premium Select Craft Fur - white
Fly Scene Hackle - 15mm fluo chartreuse

Senyos Laser Dub - olive - mixed with Senyos Fusion Dub - lizard
Senyos Laser Dub - silver minnow belly - mixed with Senyos Fusion Dub - rainbow
Copic Marker - black, dark green & red
Larve Lace USA 4,7mm molded iridescent eyes
Loon UV flow, thin & thick
Loon UV infinity light

Lenght: 7cm / almost 3 inch

Link: to original High Carb Minnow from Fly Fish Food

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happy day & enjoy tying

Xavier nadeau
4 months ago

Great job

Gerg Bear
4 months ago

@Xavier nadeau thanks a lot

Darwin Hudson
4 months ago

Did you use a black light to make it glow or am I dumb

Gerg Bear
4 months ago

@Shotgun yes, I used the Loon UV Light (Lamp) - Cheers

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