Hoo Fly variant
Tied by: Kevin Foley Anchorage, AK, US
Kevin Foley

Kevin Foley
1 year ago

A slight variation on Jonny King’s Hoo Fly. Bomb proof! Shown here on 2/0 TMC 811s, these flies are bound for fishing the salt. The use of diluted Liquid Fusion for maintaining the desired body shape.
#Hoofly #saltwater #tarpon #stripedbass

Bill Trublubug
1 year ago

Great look to these Kevin.

Kevin Foley
1 year ago

Thanks Bill. These flies are ‘supposed’ to be tied with a craft fur tail but there is something about these pastel dyed badger hackles that really makes the fly pop.

Brett Hulen
1 year ago

This is a really good idea👍

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