Henrik Andersson
9 months ago

This question is for....

Henrik Andersson
9 months ago

@Bill “Trouble-bug” Flanders I’ve made the “wing case” a lot smaller.

Bill Trublubug
9 months ago

I never said I didn’t like the original post Henrik. Just thought the silhouette was “off” a bit. In fact, you probably recall that my favorite small fly “strike indicator” is a yellow beetle. That’s what your original made me think. I know your original fly will get a ton of strikes because I often get the beetle indicator bit while they ignore the subsurface fly. I don’t try to figure it out, I’d need a larger brain (let’s say trout size LOL) to do that. Finally, to answer your “like me now” question. Yeah brother, I sure do like it now. In fact, I’ve got my tying bench light already lit up to add some of these to the box. As always, a dandy Henrik.

8 months ago

oh no he didnt 😂😂😂

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