Young fly master
7 months ago

I get it if you happen to accidentally catch a frog on a fly after all it’s a fly but i went fishing with a tube fishing lure and I caught a fat one also with the same tube I caught
5 largemouths
4 bluegills
1 Black crappie
Have you ever caught a frog please let me know lol strangest day ever.

Travis Fisher
7 months ago

Hungry monkey

Jon Redwine
7 months ago

Frogs no, but certainly not a toad.

Bill Trublubug
7 months ago

Have caught bullfrog, bat, and two birds on a fly. Also one frog on a marabou jig, never a toad though.

Bill Trublubug
7 months ago

The birds were the strangest for me. One on backcast, one on forward cast. While bait fishing, hooked a mallard when I was 8 and lots of turtles again on live bait.

7 months ago

I catch bullfrogs on flies when the panfish and bass aren’t biting. It can be easy and fun. But the strangest thing I caught has to be a muskrat. It kept swimming back and forth past me at about 20 feet from shore. I was in a mess of 11-12” crappie and was able to avoid him twice as he passed. I looked away for a second while my streamer sank to a five count and there he was inches from my leader. He got over it but it caught his back leg and as he passed, the hook sunk in his back foot. He was barely hooked but I was able to get him to the bank and slip the hook out.

Randy Rocks
7 months ago

it's fat.

7 months ago

I haven’t. But my dad has hooked an osprey with a live bluegill and I have caught a bat, a purple Martin, a cottonmouth, a soft shell turtle, my brother, my Ag teacher, and a Canada goose on the back cast.

Martin Burch @flyfishfans
7 months ago

Yes. Had a bullfrog jump into the pads to attack a popper once.

Gavin Roth
7 months ago

I have caught some on ned rigs and small flies. Sadly, my brother doesn’t like fly fishing, but he did catch a goose with a swim bait. Although that might have been on purpose.

7 months ago

No frogs, yesterday I did catch some huge flying bug.

Harley dean
5 months ago

I caught a Gardner snake a Muscovy duck lots of frogs and my brother with a dry fly in the neck

Carson Kessler
4 months ago

Frogs and toads eat anything that is red

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