Anthony Peterson
6 days ago

I’m thinking of buying another fly rod. I want one more suited for catching bluegill. I have a 6wt already and I don’t know if I should get a lighter one or if that’s just fine. I mainly fish lakes from a boat or shore and would be using it for bluegill. If you could give me some advise on what wt that would be great. THANKS!!!

Bill Trublubug
5 days ago

Anthony, I’m guessing you will get a lot of different suggestions/answers to your question. I prefer a lighter rod for panfish like ‘gills. I like a 3wt / 9’ rod for the fishing you suggest (boat or shore). Makes even medium weight ‘gills feel like monsters. Two other factors to consider, action and fly weight. The action of the rod (fast-medium-slow) is answered with a few simple questions. Casting longer distances usually mandates a faster action rod. Fly weight/wind resistance is another important factor to consider when selecting a rod’s action. Fishing mostly nymphs or small subsurface patterns? Then slower is fine. If it’s larger top water flies you will mostly cast, go for a faster action. If it’s mostly larger, popper type flies you want to fish, go a bit heavier and choose a 4 wt. if you often encounter bass or even larger species while ‘gill fishing, a higher wt rod is preferable. Your own personal casting stroke can make a big difference to the rods material composition. Fiberglass or composite? Always another factor. Windy conditions most times? Punching a bigger fly through the wind can mean the need for a more powerful rod. Lots to consider, my original suggestion of a 3wt / 9’ still stands. Can’t weight to see what others suggest. If you don’t get a reply from Martin Burch, suggest you post him and ask his opinion.

Michael Mc Brien
5 days ago

In short it is never a bad idea to buy more rods.

5 days ago

I use a 6wt also for panfish. I’d stay with what you have. For the simple fact that big fish like little bugs also. I fish FLORIDA... with that 6 wt you can throw a small Clouser to a popping bug with ease.

Anthony Peterson
5 days ago

@bill the more research I’ve done it seems like a 3wt would be best. But I will probably ask the people at my local fly shop and see what they think. And thanks for the help and advice!!!

Tim Welsh
5 days ago

Would think a 4-5 weight is about right - you start fishing for blue Gill and you are bound to hook some bass on the same day - good comments about wind, punching larger poppers through the breeze and your own casting style.

Olsen H
4 days ago

4 weight wade rod are good

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