Kebari Experiment The Blue Max ?
Tied by: John J McMullen El Portal, (Yosemite National Park) CA, US
John J McMullen

John J McMullen
5 years ago

Here's an example of me getting carried away with a Tenkara Kebari. Should I call it the Blue Max? It's pretty, but I would be concerned about the red wire slipping as soon as a hook up ... pretty much a one shot deal. Maybe some super glue on the bottom to nail it down? Anyhoo ... it's a fun tie and one worth sharing I think.
BTW, I did a quick video for my YouTube channel this morning while tying my One Fly ... the Olive Japanese Lantern. If you are reading this ... check out my YouTube/johnjmcmullen. If I get enough positive feedback (likes) I will make more videos showing how I tie Tenkara Kebari ... or take requests for videos of Kebari you want to see tied and the process. They are not difficult, but sometimes you can pick up some tips watching how it's done. Cheers! And thanks for the likes everyone. I am following "everyone" on flyflashers ... so you can expect me to like everything posted. I'm very curious about a lot of the flies, as I don't know many, many of them ... especially the salt water patterns.

Martin Fabricius
5 years ago

That's a great looking fly! I often use Lock-Tite super glue to secure body parts. I've read a few articles about Tenkara after seeing your flies here of Flyflasher. Looks like great fun!

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