Martin Fabricius
18 days ago

This lovely pattern (variant) gave me a nice salmon last year.

Hook: Ahrex 420 Progressive Double Gold
Butt: Pearl tinsel
Body: Yellow and black tinsel
Rib: XS gold rib
Hackle 1: Yellow
Hackle 2: Orange
Wings: Yellow, orange bucktail and black squirrel
Fronthackle: Blue
Head: Blue pearl flash

Inspired by Craig Bartlett.

#salmon #laks #lax #double

Steven S
18 days ago

Great fly Martin, and Craig ties some incredible flies. Thanks for posting the recipe.

Martin Fabricius
18 days ago

Thanks @grayghost ! Indeed, he is super skilled and inspiring.

18 days ago

Nice fly🎣🎣🎣

Martin Fabricius
17 days ago

Thanks @Øyvind . Loved your version as well. It’s better looking and not that heavy dressed as mine 👌🏻

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