Jon Redwine
1 month ago

La Bomba concept with a few slight differences from the norm. Palmered marabou plume for the abdomen and nymph eyes in place of bead head. However, it’s a La Bomba for all practical purposes. I love the pattern! Can fish as a nymph or streamer with success.

Christopher Williams
1 month ago

Very nice, Jon. I think it would make an excellent damsel fly nymph

Bill Trublubug
1 month ago

Looks good to me Jon. I’ve tied a few with the modifications you have used and done really well also. I like to add a bit of blue to my black La Bombas. Pretty sure I’ve posted a photo of that color combo. This really is one productive fly regardless of the modifications we make to the original pattern with regard to materials.

Young fly master
1 month ago

Looks like a fish catching machine

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