Lady Evelyn Spey
Tied by: Craig Bartlett Lanark Scotland, GB
Craig Bartlett

Craig Bartlett
5 days ago

Named after lady Evelyn of Gordon castle speyside.

Jens jakobsen
4 days ago

Another beautyđź‘Ť

Steven S
3 days ago

Craig, I just love seeing your patterns when you post. They are so technically perfect in every way. One thing I really like is how you build and finish the heads of your flies. If I may ask, what type finish do you use? Thanks again Craig for sharing these timeless classics and doing such a fine job tying them. Steve

Craig Bartlett
1 day ago

@grayghost thank you, for the heads is pretty basic, zap a gap and sally Hanson’s hard as nails. Several coats.

Steven S
5 hours ago

Thanks Craig, I have both, will give it a try.

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