Bill Trublubug
10 months ago

Hi Landon, I’d like to offer a suggestion or two on this one. The Light Cahill is a really is pattern that is suggestive of either a Pale Morning Dun or a Pale Evening Dun. The mayfly it is most suggestive of is Stenecron interpunctatum. On the waters where I see this mayfly, it has a distinctive slender body. My suggestion is that you taper the dubbing and make it thinner to more closely mimic the silhouette of the natural. As you know, I’m “big” on silhouette/profile as a key to inducing strikes. Second suggestion. This species tends to drift at the surface for quite a long time. It’s emergence from the nymphal shuck is quick and so emerger versions are not usually effective. Since the dun sits on the surface for such a long time and rides quite high, try tying this one with more hackle wraps and perhaps an underbody of electronics packaging foam (thin stuff used to ship TVs). A semi dry or drowning/drowned imitation doesn’t work very well here. My trout want it dry, drier, driest. LOL. I don’t think that wing color makes all that much difference, but most Cahills have a pale creamy yellow wing with slight barring. Again, don’t know if this really matters but something to consider perhaps.

10 months ago

Thank you Bill! I appreciate all of your suggestions. I tied a one tonight a little different and I will post a pic in the morning. This is one of the ones I felt I could tie best so I'm going to start selling this one along with a few others.

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