Mahalo Nymph
Tied by: MiteyQuin Sandy, Utah, US

1 month ago

A special request, used for Pyramid lake, found in Nevada!

Red dyed pheasant tail
Wine holo tinsel
Size 10 2x heavy Umpqua Nymph hook
7/64th copper bead
Lead wire
SM copped wire
Flash back
Nightmare Red UV2 ice dub

Mitchell Jacob
30 days ago

How do you get light to not wash out colors on your flies? I've been having some trouble with my light box setup

30 days ago

My light box is black felt, used to absorb some of the light with a hole that takes up about 1/3 of the top of the box, I then use a white light to shine down through, I’ve found it somewhat helps maintain a good amount of color without editing, and also gives a good back drop, let me know if this helped or if you have anymore questions @mjacob_88

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