Mahalo Nymph
Tied by: MiteyQuin Sandy, Utah, US

4 months ago

A special request, used for Pyramid lake, found in Nevada!

Red dyed pheasant tail
Wine holo tinsel
Size 10 2x heavy Umpqua Nymph hook
7/64th copper bead
Lead wire
SM copped wire
Flash back
Nightmare Red UV2 ice dub

Mitchell Jacob
3 months ago

How do you get light to not wash out colors on your flies? I've been having some trouble with my light box setup

3 months ago

My light box is black felt, used to absorb some of the light with a hole that takes up about 1/3 of the top of the box, I then use a white light to shine down through, I’ve found it somewhat helps maintain a good amount of color without editing, and also gives a good back drop, let me know if this helped or if you have anymore questions @mjacob_88

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