Mason Palmer
11 months ago

Tried a leach today

Tail: black marabou
Body: black chenille
Hackle: black hackle
Thread: just some black thread

#leach #marabou

Bill Trublubug
11 months ago

Nicely done Mason. A bit more like a woolybugger (WB) than a leech pattern to my mind but the beauty of the WB is that it can represent many different food items. If you want a pattern that more closely mimics the undulating motion of a leech swimming, try tying this using the same materials but palmer the body with marabou instead of a hackle. I also have found that adding two or three strands of red crystal flash to each side (tied in at the head of the fly after palmering the marabou) adds to the patterns effectiveness on my waters.

Mason Palmer
11 months ago

Okay thanks for the tip

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