10 months ago

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #4

Body is rabbit: black barred/gold variant

Legs: barred pumpkin (wapsi)

Eyes: small

Head: senyos laser dub in Rusty bronze, sculpin olive, and brown

Super easy and effective bass fly here in the hill country of Texas. Has been known to catch big rainbow trout as well on the Guadalupe. Definitely a fly to have in your box!

You can find this fly tying tutorial on YouTube by the creator himself. Matt Bennett.

Xavier nadeau
10 months ago

Very nice!

Gabe Shuler
10 months ago

I may try tying this a bit smaller with beadchain eyes or small dumbbell eyes for redfish

10 months ago

I like a little bit more length in the tail. I get more action. If it’s too long you can always trim it down with out messing up the integrity of the fly.

Conner Hedrick
7 months ago

So what kind of leader would you use for something heavy with dumbbell eyes? Always struggle figuring out what would be best on heavy bass streamers

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